A Kids Book About Sexual Abuse

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Knowledge is the best defense. Give your kids the tools to identify abuse and the language to defend their bodies.

Some of the most difficult things to talk about are also the most important. Sexual abuse happens more often than people realize but most kids don’t learn about it until after it happens. This book will help give them the language to understand what sexual abuse is and start the conversation around owning their bodies and trusting their instincts.

Product Details

By: Evelyn Yang
ISBN-13: 9781951253691
Publisher: A Kids Book About
Publication Date: April 12, 2021
Pages: 64
For Ages: 6+

About the Author

Evelyn Yang is a mom to two boys and an advocate for families. She is passionate about justice, neurodiversity, and food. Her platform and advocacy work have been an unexpected blessing after her husband ran for President. She still actively works on overcoming her own fears in order to use her experiences to help other people.