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Black Lives, Lines, & Lyrics

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Black Lives, Lines, & Lyrics conveys the Black experience through lines and verse, cementing melanin memories in the wake of the unremitting social epidemic that plagues America. Divided into three measures, this 224-page poetry collection provides rhythmical reflections on black experiences with racial and social injustice, a lyrical account of the lives lost to police brutality and racial violence, and a poetic perspective of living while Black in the 21st Century. May these lines, lyrics, and laments for Black life, love, loss, and liberty help you gain an appreciation for the beauty and endurance of Black people while bringing the realities of the discrimination and racism that Black people face in America to the forefront of your social consciousness, conversations, and community. 

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By D.B. Mays
Publisher: Pinnacle Performance Learning Group
Publication Date: March 13, 2021
Pages: 224

ISBN-13: 9781736581414

ISBN-13: 9781736581421

About the Author

D.B. Mays is the author of a poetry collection and a forthcoming historical fiction series, The Tree of Anglee. She has also written curriculum, instructional, and staff development materials for federal and state Departments of Education and educational programs. A highly decorated educator, D.B. Mays has spent over two decades working on the local and national levels to promote education equity and support the education and empowerment of students in underserved schools and communities.

In addition to the Black Lives Matter movement and the countless Black victims of racial violence, she was inspired to write Black Lives, Lines, & Lyrics because of her own lived experiences and those of the urban and rural communities she served have had with racial and social injustice, and education and economic inequities. Her poetry collection explores a variety of themes ranging from Blackness, discrimination, life, loss, trauma, racial violence, resilience, and hope.